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French Presses

Make hot or cold brewed coffee with a French Press to get the most out of your coffee bean. French presses offer optimal flavor, depth and richness. We sell French presses in very small models, for a cup on the go, or larger models to serve a crowd or the heavy coffee drinker. If you intend to keep the coffee in the French Press hot for an extended period of time, consider a French Press with an insulated jacket or one made of double-walled glass. French presses are great for tea, also.

French presses make deep and flavorful cups of rich coffee much quicker than an auto-drip coffeemaker. The pressing action removes more of the coffee's essence and flavor than an auto-drip coffeemaker that relies on a trickle of water and gravity.

Cold brewed coffee is becoming more popular due to the fact that cold brewed coffee has a lower acid content. If you would like to know how to make cold brewed coffee with a french press click the first picture below. There is no need to buy a cold brew coffee machine when you have a french press.

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How to Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press
La Cafetiere French Presses & Teapots
How to Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press

La Cafetiere French Presses & Teapots

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