Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - North Carolina

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Question: Why does North Carolina produce such great furniture, have such great basketball teams, and have such beautiful scenery? Answer: Because it does! It's just the way things were meant to be. The Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - North Carolina is part of the Cat Studio Geography Collection and a wonderful way to pay tribute to a beautiful state. These 19" x 19" 100% pure cotton, hand embroidered pillows are in that fabulous 1950s Souvenir Shop style that seems to lend itself to trips down memory lane, the way the smell of frying bacon and fresh coffee makes waking up worthwhile. If it's for yourself or your family, you'll soon see how just a glance at this pillow will start your memory wheels turning. If it's for a gift, rest assured, it's going to be appreciated. Many of the state's historic and landmark places are highlighted, but you'll also find reference to lesser known treasures as well. When you want to send a spark to the old memory banks, items like these Cat Studios Geography Collection are exactly what you want. We have a great selection but if you don't see what you're looking for, check back often. We're constantly adding new pieces.

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