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Little Rhode Island is a state packed with great things to celebrate, and one of these Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - Rhode Island pillows is a wonderful way to pay tribute to it's many fine qualities. These pillows are part of the Cat Studio Geography Collection. What's your favorite thing about/from Rhode Island? I'd be lying if I said anything other than Rhode Island Reds. These beautiful birds produce the most delicious eggs! Granny D's recipe for angel food cake uses Rhode Island Red egg whites and it is truly heavenly. We use the yolks for her custard recipe - another treat that lets us hear the angels sing! Chickens and eggs aside, there are so many fine qualities to this small state, it proves the old rule: good things come in small packages. These 19" x 19" 100% pure cotton pillows are filled with down like poly and hand embroidered; truly beautiful pieces in the grand old 1950s Souvenir Shop style, which has been a favorite for so long. They make great gifts too, and if you know someone from RI, you'll be doing them a favor to present one of these wonderful pillows. As a keepsake for yourself, or a gift for a good friend, these Cat Studios Geographic Collection items should definitely be on your list for holiday gifting.

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