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From the sweet trilling of the Carolina wren, the state bird, to the sweet smell of the state's flower, the Carolina jessamin, the palmetto state has a lot to recommend it. The regional foods are outstanding: Low country shrimp and grits is one of the tastiest dishes you'll find anywhere. There's truly something for everyone in South Carolina, and the Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - South Carolina (part of the Cat Studio Geography Collection) is a great way to celebrate the treasures of this great state. 19" square, this 100% cotton, hand embroidered pillow highlights many of the well known - and some of the lesser known - attributes of SC. The style is absolutely 1950s Souvenir Shop, and that in itself will send your mind down memory lane. Even if you're too young to remember the Fabulous 50s, you've heard about them and are sure to appreciate this tribute to road trip vacations or your home state. These pillows are wonderful keepsakes and great gifts. Just a glance at all the towns and places of interest featured on the pillow will start your mind on a path to exploring your memories, and that's almost always a good thing.

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