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The Pine Tree State is the home of Stephen King, L L Bean, and the OTHER Portland. Celebrate blueberries and chickadees, skiing at Sugarloaf and enjoying fabulous treats from the sea, all in the wonderful state of Maine. The Cat Studio State Glass - Maine is part of the Cat Studio Geography Collection and it's a wonderful way to remind yourself of all the treasures encompassed in this great New England state. The frosted glasses hold 15 ounces of your favorite beverage, and are decorated with 8 bright and lively colors that are dishwasher safe. The iconic 1950s Souvenir Shop style is and has been a favorite with generations of Americans. Take a trip down memory lane with this keepsake, or give it as a gift - they come in boxes that make wrapping a snap. Join the huge fan base of Cat Studios, all those who've discovered you can't go wrong with products from Cat Studios.

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