Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - Alaska

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Alaska - the Last Frontier in the United States. What a great, wild state, with the last of so many natural habitats. Used to be when folks from the lower 48 went to live in Alaska we thought they had something to hide. And sometimes they did. So what? The frontier - wherever it's existed - has always been the land that invited fresh starts. During the Klondike gold rush Seattle was the jumping off point, and what a wild town that used to be. With all the rain and mud in Seattle, can you imagine how those miners looked by the time they got to Skagway? White cotton sheets and pillows were probably the last thing on their minds, but beautiful white 100% cotton is what these 19" x 19" hand embroidered pillows are made from. The down-like poly filled insert is removable too, so even though we trust you can keep the Skagway mud off them, when you do decide to launder them, it'll be a snap. You'll be impressed with the original art work too. It features many of the interesting points of interest and the bright 8-color embroidery is so beautiful. These pillows are highly collectible, heirloom quality. The Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - Alaska is part of the Cat Studio Geography Collection. The artwork is in the wonderful 1950s Souvenir Shop style - a favorite for generations.

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