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Traveling the length of the fabulous state of California is something I hope all of you will have a chance to do at least once. I do it every year and every year I find new things to enjoy about the trip. U S 101 is so scenic it out to be illegal or fattening or something. Anything that good can't BE good, can it? Taking the interstate and going up the center on I-5 is also a wonderful time with breath taking sights all along the way. Sunrise reflecting off Mt. Shasta ought to be one everyone's bucket list. A leisurely day spent in the Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino vineyards is so much fun. Sightseeing in San Francisco is a must. Disneyland and Universal studios, the San Diego Zoo, days spent in the sunshine and surf at the beaches, Old Town Sacramento has something for everyone, and please don't miss out on Lake Tahoe. There's a basque restaurant in Stockton that's a true adventure. That famous soup place in Santa Nella can't be passed up. There are many more than I can list, and all will add so much to your traveling pleasure. The Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - California is part of the Cat Studio Geography Collection and celebrates many of the points of interest just mentioned. Made of 100% white cotton, hand embroidered in 8 vibrant colors, 19" x 19" square, and the down like poly filled insert is easily removable for ease in cleaning. This is something that will take your mind back in time with it's 1950s Souvenir Shop styling, such a favorite with generations of folks. Cat Studios has products that pay tribute to not only states, but cities, resorts, regions, countries and national parks too. They come in plates, mugs, glasses, dish towels, aprons and of course pillows. You're sure to find something irresistible.

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