Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - New York

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One might venture a guess that New York IS the U S to most people of the world. We know it's not, but then we live here. There is no one however, who can doubt the importance of the Empire State to our wonderful country. How many millions of folks have been entertained by the Broadway (and off Broadway) theaters? It wasn't so long ago that most television entertainment was filmed in New York City, and our fashion capital has always been there. NYC aside, New York state itself has brought us wonderful dairy products, wines, produce of every sort, and is home to so many cities and towns. The term "suburb" got it's start in New York. The Cat Studio Embroidered State Pillow - New York is part of the Cat Studio Geography Collection, and the beautiful hand embroidered artwork is a great way to remind ourselves of the different points of interest and highlights of this state that houses so much of American life in so many forms. 100% cotton, 19" x 19" square, it has a down like poly filled insert that easily removes for cleaning. These pillows are perfect for a nap or for decorating so toss one on the sofa or your bed. They are in the iconic 1950s Souvenir Shop style, a favorite with generations. Check out all the Cat Studios creations; if pillows aren't your thing, you'll find many other items and one of them is sure to be just what you're looking for.

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