Christopher Radko Santa Claus Ornaments

Christopher Radko Santa Claus Ornaments

This year's line up of Christopher Radko Santa Claus ornaments is better than ever before! From traditional Santas, themed Santas, foreign Santas, state Santas, old fashioned Santas and Santas so new and modern it will make your head spin - there is literally a Santa for every taste and collector out there. And that's actually an understatement: there are probably SEVERAL Santas for every taste and collector! There are Santas by themselves and Santas in scenes, dramatic and beautiful Santas and Santas so nostalgic they can bring a tear to the eye with the happy memories they evoke. We don't want to overwhelm you of course, but do look at as many as you can - they're all different yet all share some of the same qualities. Each Santa was made in one of the three European factories that have been creating the fanciful, high quality Christopher Radko designs since 1985.

For nearly 30 years these expert craftsmen and women in Poland, Greece and Italy have been blowing the glass forms, lining each shell with sterling silver, and delicately painting details on the glass. The techniques may be old school, but the results are up to the minute first rate. While you're looking at these beautiful ornaments, see if you can find the ones that would be special to each member of your family. There will be one, that's almost a certainty. You may be plotting the beginnings of a wonderful collection! When you finish the Santa Claus category go on to one of the others: we have snowmen, Christmas trees, nutcrackers, animals, Americana and sweet treats just to name a few, and many more you'll also want to see. Christopher Radko ornament designs are original and fun, beautiful and sentimental, silly and humorous - just like the holiday they're meant to celebrate!

Santa Claus Ornaments

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