Christopher Radko Small Gem Ornaments

What could be better than Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments? Well, not much, we admit, but sometimes more is better, and with the Christopher Radko Small Gem ornaments you can put a lot of Christmas into any space, no matter how limited. Whether you're decorating a smaller tree for your small home this year, a special tree for the kids, a loved one in a hospital or nursing home, or you just want to put as many ornaments as possible on any size tree, the Small Gem collection is for you. They are also wonderful when combined with the traditional Christopher Radko ornaments. Here we have 48 in this special edition of beautiful Christopher Radko Small Gem Ornaments, and you're guaranteed to be happy when you see this wonderful selection. Just like all Radko ornaments, they are made in the Christopher Radko factories located in Poland, Greece and Italy. You'll find many that are miniature versions of regular sized Radko ornaments, and some that are only available in this smaller size. Most are 3" in height, all are joyful examples of holiday happiness. The same high quality materials, time tested techniques, and dedication to making the best and most beautiful product ever are found the Small Gem creations as in the regular sized Christopher Radko ornaments. It's true about great things coming in small packages, and the Small Gems collection is proof positive of that. Bring some of these delightful little gems into your holiday celebrations and see if you don't agree.