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Kitchen Knives

When you invest in kitchen knives it is very important to by quality kitchen knives that will last for a long time and cut well for a long time - even your lifetime! To achieve this, you must buy quality. We are pleased to offer high quality cutlery from Henckels, Berti and Kyocera. We are sure that all forged knives we sell will offer you the longevity and performance you deserve.

Henckels kitchen knives are German-made knives and have a great reputation for quality and performance. There are a number of styles and handle configurations to choose from. Each of these German-made knives feature high quality stainless steel and will hold their cutting edge for a long time, if cared for properly.

Berti kitchen knives are handmade from start to finish by accomplished Italian knife makers. Each hand made kitchen knife is constructed with the finest French steel and feature a variety of handle materials from red, black or white lucite or oxhorn. Each knife is made by one knife maker from start to finish.

Kyocera advanced ceramic kitchen knives are high quality, ultra sharp cutting instruments made of ceramic. Ceramic is second in hardness only to diamonds, which creates a strong cutting edge that should last for at least 2-3 years before needing sharpening. When a Kyocera knife needs to be resharpened, it must be sent to Kyocera. You cannot sharpen them yourself; the ceramic is too hard. The advantages of a ceramic knife is the ultra-sharp edge that will not interact with foods. Kyocera knives are not for use with meat with bones or for use on frozen foods. They perform great on vegetables, fruit, fish, boneless meat and bread.

Whichever chefs knife or kitchen knife set you decide to purchase, rest assured that you are buying the best kitchen knives at Distinctive Decor. All manufactures we represent stand behind the construction and materials used in their kitchen knives. Always be sure to hand wash you knives as using the dishwasher can harm the metal and harsh detergents can stain or pit the best of kitchen knives. Always, use a honing steel before each use and never use a glass cutting board only soft plastic cutting boards and wood cutting boards.

Buying a good knife or set of knives isn't really that hard. Sure, there are many to choose from and there is a lot of information out there, but if you will keep a few things in the front of your brain you will select a great knife or knife set.

If you are looking for a high-quality knife set or knife you need to know what the knife is made of. Most knives on the market today are made from high quality German stainless steel. This steel provides hardness (so your knife will not dull as quickly) and provides a blade that will not stain and a heavy, solid knife. Japanese-style knives are all the rage today and for good reason. They are super sharp and the blades are generally harder. The blades are also thinner, which means less resistance when you are cutting. They are also lighter.

Know whether the knife is stamped or forged. The difference between a "stamped" knife and a "forged" knife is really quite simple. A stamped knife is cut from a sheet of steel, while a forged knife will have a bolster.

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J.A. Henckels Fine German Knives
Berti Handmade Italian Kitchen & Pocket Knives
Microplane Cut Resistant Glove
J.A. Henckels Fine German Knives

Berti Handmade Italian Kitchen & Pocket Knives

Microplane Cut Resistant Glove


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