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The Duncan Banner Bridal Guide 2010

"Distinctive Decor may be a family-owned local business located on Main Street in Duncan, Oklahoma, but it continues to receive national and state attention. Recent features in Taste of the South magazine, Semi Homemade With Sandra Lee magazine and Cook’s Illustrated as well as a spot on the popular TV show Discover Oklahoma are attracting new customers from across the nation and across the street. Curious customers are making the trip to downtown Duncan or exploring the store’s extensive website to view a remarkable mix of quality products for the kitchen, table and home.

Distinctive Decor’s bridal and gift registry benefits from a combination of innovation and experience. For 11 years the owners and staff of Distinctive Decor have enjoyed helping young couples from across the country select unique items of exceptional quality to furnish their first home together. “We have everything that a newlywed couple will need to equip their home, from dinnerware, flatware and glassware to kitchen tools, gadgets and electrics. We continue to carve our niche in the wedding industry with a complete bridal and gift registry. Several things separate us from the pack: our specialty dinnerware collections, personal attention and real-time online gift registry,” says Marcus McEntire, co-owner of Distinctive Decor.

Duncan area brides are now learning what brides nationwide have known for years: Distinctive Decor is not a “big box store;“ it is not just another enormous department store in the mall. Distinctive Decor offers an astounding variety of dinnerware; uncommon designs for the couple who want to express their individuality. It is the shopping destination for those who desire a little something different; not what a cousin, friend, grandmother or aunt has. Distinctive Decor carries products of singular beauty and fine quality, yet at a fair price. “This is what keeps our bridal business robust---we sell many brands that are not available in the department stores. Many of those brands are made by small companies with a true dedication to the quality of their product, whether it is ceramic, porcelain, stoneware, metal or glass. Whatever a couple’s tastes, traditional or contemporary, whatever their budget, we can steer them in the right direction,” says Marcus. “We have dinnerware for everyone.”

Engagement is a happy and hectic time for couples. The choices made while preparing a bridal registry are important and enduring. The staff and owners at Distinctive Decor are well qualified to help. “I always encourage a couple to choose quality items that they really love. This is the only time in their lives when so many people will be buying them gifts, many of which are designed to last a lifetime. Those friends and family members truly wish to give a gift that will be useful and of sentimental value over the years. Sure, they can choose economy over quality, but odds are that they will be replacing those items before too many anniversaries go by. We nudge couples toward quality choices” says McEntire.

Though the storefront has been open for over two years, McEntire says that many Duncan residents are just getting to know Distinctive Decor. “It’s funny, sometimes locals wander in--totally surprised to find us instead of the shoe store that used to occupy the building--or they’ve heard about us from an out-of-town friend. They are always amazed at the selection and quality of the merchandise, not even realizing that we have so much more available in the warehouse and online. We have simply too much merchandise for the storefront to hold. If you don‘t see what you‘re looking for, ask us.”

Brides and grooms are starting to notice too. Distinctive Decor’s local bridal and gift registry is growing as fast as its customer base. “Couples are finding that they can outfit their entire kitchen and table here, without having to go out of town at all,” says Marcus.

While an actual trip to the store on Main Street is always a great way to start making registry selections, busy couples may decide that Distinctive Decor’s easy to navigate website (www.distinctive-decor.com) is the way to go. “We find that couples love the online registry. It allows them to add or delete selections at any time and to monitor real-time what has been purchased. Another advantage is that an online registry enables out-of-town friends and relatives to see the selections and then purchase gifts on the web or with a phone call. We then wrap and deliver all the gifts to the couple’s showers. The online registry also decreases duplication of gifts, meaning fewer trips for the couple to return and exchange,” says McEntire.

Brides and grooms will do well to consider the “big little store” on Main Street for their wedding gift registry this season. They will find a helpful staff and a huge selection of quality goods with distinctive style.

Distinctive Decor is open Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 5:30 pm and on Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Of course, their website is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week."

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