Emile Henry Ceramic Flame Top Cookware

Emile Henry Ceramic Flame Top Cookware
Emile Henry Flame Top cookware is the first ceramic casserole collection that can be used on your cook top! Top cooks have relied for years on heavy cast iron pots to achieve succulent and tender results. Now, after five years of development and tests were conducted, Emile Henry has developed the Emile Henry Flame Top Collection that is light weight and achieves the same cooking outcomes as those heavy cocottes and Dutch ovens.

Flame Top dutch ovens, casseroles and stew pots are safe on all stove tops (if you have an induction induction range you will need to purchase the Emile Henry induction disk to use Flame items), and each piece is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Sear poultry or red meat and then simmer gently to braise. Emile Henry Flame Top cookware allows you to start cooking on the stove top and then finish in the oven, under the broiler, on the grill or even in the microwave. The Emile Henry Flame top cooking pots are not as heavy as cast iron casseroles and are made in round and oval shapes in capacities from 1 to 6 quarts. Each casserole is available in stylish red and black finishes. Other Flame Top Collection pieces include cheese fondue sets and tagines.

Emile Henry has reinvented the pizza stone! Emile Henry pizza stones are light weight pizza stones that feature the non-stick properties that Emile Henry has made famous. The clay heats evenly and thoroughly, producing a crispy crust and a hot pizza with no cool spots. Cleanup is a breeze and the beautiful glaze is nonporous. No more ghastly tan pizza stones stained black with rancid oils. If you want to make pizzas on your grill, Emile round and rectangular pizza stones are made for the grill!

Emile Henry Flame Top
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