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Fissler Cookware and Pressure Cookers Clearance Sale

Fissler cookware has offered cutting-edge German engineering, manufacturing and performance for over 160 years. Fissler is known throughout Europe as a fine line of cookware and pressure cookers, but only recently has the United States become aware of the quality and performance Fissler brings to the kitchen.

All Fissler cookware is manufactured of 18/10 stainless steel and all pots, pans and pressure cookers have the COOKSTAR ALL-STOVE BASE that promotes quick even-heating, excellent heat retention and allows Fissler pans to be used on any cooking surface--including induction. Fissler Vitaquick pressure cookers are made in Germany of the highest quality materials. They are made of 18/10 stainless steel and incorporate the CookStar base that heats evenly and quickly and allows the pressure cooker to be used on all cook tops--including induction. Fissler Vitaquick pressure cookers feature a blue pressure meter that rises when pressure is present. There are lines on the meter that let you know how much pressure is present. When cooking with pressure cookers, safety is paramount. Fissler has engineered the Vitaquick line to be extremely safe, and quiet. There are built in releases should the pressure rise too high.

Fissler pressure cookers are fast and efficient. They cook food faster because they raise the temperature of boiling water from 212 degrees F to 250 degrees F. The sealed Fissler pressure cooker cooks under about 15 pounds of pressure which raises the boiling temperature of water and allows the food to cook about 30% faster. Pressure cookers require less cooking liquid and make flavors more intense. They are also greener, using less energy than standard pots and pans. Not too long ago, pressure cookers would over-pressurize and explode making them dangerous. Many cooks simply avoided them. Fissler pressure cookers are equipped with a locking mechanism and a number of safety pressure release valves making them very safe. I use a pressure cooker many times during the week. With our busy schedule, pressure cooking fits our lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Cooking with pressure cookers today is fast, flavorful and safe.

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Fissler Vitaquick Quattro Large Pressure Cooker Set
Fissler Vitaquick Quattro Large Pressure Cooker Set

List Price: $669.00
Sale Price: $299.99

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