Herend Porcelain Bird Figurines

Herend Porcelain Bird Figurines
Did you know that Herend's signature fishnet design didn't appear until 1874? Its appearance had everything to do with the breathtaking Herend Porcelain Bird Figurines. An artist attempting to paint feathers on a rooster figurine decided to use a fishscale design from a Chinese plate. An immediate star was born. Today, you can't imagine a Herend figurine without the trademark fishnet design.

Distinctive Decor offers a versatile and stunning collection of Herend Porcelain Bird Figurines that will thrill both the discerning Herend collector and bird lover. Birds are striking with their multi-colored feathers and the handcrafted Herend bird figurines really capture the beauty of the small yet majestic creatures. Choose from bird statues depicting birds on a branch, log or leaf. They also sit alone.

Discover birds of many feathers including hummingbirds, owls, peacocks and more. Wouldn't a Herend Porcelain lovebird make a wonderful Valentine's Day or anniversary present? Whether you are a collector of beautiful figurines or simply appreciate finely crafted porcelain pieces, Distinctive Decor's selection of Herend Porcelain Bird Figurines is a sight to behold.

Explore the collection and bring the elegance of a Herend Bird Figurine into your home. It's a treasure that will be passed down from generation to generation.
Herend Bird Figurines
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