Julia Knight Lily 4" Bowl - Raspberry

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The Julia Knight Lily 4 inch bowl in a lavish raspberry color prompts oohs and ahhs from your guests and transforms your table from ordinary and predictable to fabulous and chic. This lily-inspired bowl is made of sand cast aluminum and is enameled with proprietary enamel that is infused with mother of pearl powder.

Julia Knight metal serving ware is incredibly luxurious, stylish, beautiful and eye-catching; so much so, that each piece makes a presentation statement by itself and only enhances the beauty of whatever you serve on or in it. Available in a variety of pastel and jewel- tone colors, Julia Knight metal pieces are made of durable aluminum that rarely needs polishing. The pieces are adorned by enamel that contains crushed mother of pearl powder in it. The enamel is applied by finger painting it on the surface. The mother of pearl in the enamel has sheer and reflective properties that make each piece "pop." All Julia Knight pieces are hand made by highly-skilled artisans in Italy and India.

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