Juliska Pillows

Juliska Pillows

Inspired by your favorite Juliska dinnerware, glassware, and home decor patterns, Juliska pillows add another dimension to your decorating. These luxe throw pillows are crafted of the finest materials like linen, velvet, and French knot details and are filled with 10% down and 90% feather fill. 

Throw pillows can add depth and layering to a room's design. Placing pillows of different sizes and shapes on sofas, beds, and chairs can create visual interest and make the space feel more dynamic. Changing out throw pillows is a simple way to update the look of a room with the changing seasons or holidays, and Juliska offers many designs for every season to keep your decor fresh.

Juliska pillows can be used in various areas of the home, from living rooms and bedrooms to entryways and sitting rooms. Mixing different textures with throw pillows can add an extra layer of design interest. Velvet, silk, cotton, and other fabrics can create a tactile experience that adds richness to the decor. Throw pillows can be used to draw attention to specific furniture pieces or areas of a room. Placing pillows strategically can help highlight key design elements or focal points.

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