Maison Berger (Lampe Berger) Fragrance Lamps

Maison Berger (Lampe Berger) Fragrance Lamps

The Lampe Berger lamp collection currently includes about 100 beautifully designed fragrance lamps. Lampe Berger lamps are carefully designed by many designers from very different backgrounds to create a robust collection with designs and materials that appeal to every consumer. Most Lampe Berger lamps are crafted of glass or porcelain. Approximately 15 new lamps are introduced each year, each one requiring 18 months of work before it is introduced. Lamps begin at $30 and go up from there, with limited edition and featured artist collection designs at the top end of the price spectrum. Special edition lamps feature exceptional materials and design contributing to remarkable technical performance.

Lampe Berger boxed gift sets or value packs are a terrific way to start with the Lampe Berger fragrance system in your home or office. Introductory gift sets include a fragrance lamp, catalytic burner, funnel, stopper and one or more 180ml bottles of fragrance oil. These are value priced so that the fragrance oil is basically a free gift with purchase. When multiple fragrance oils are included you are able to try out multiple fragrances to see which fragrance you or the gift recipient prefer the most.

Lampe Berger gift sets make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, housewarming gifts, hostess gifts and more. Each Lampe Berger value set comes packaged in a nice gift box, ready for gift giving. Add additional bottles of fragrance or fragrance gift packs for a wonderful gift!

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