Lladro Girl With Pretty Pickings Porcelain Figurine

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Lladro's Girl With Pretty Pickings is a 7: tall by 4" wide piece featuring a little girl wearing a kerchief over her shoulders, a long sleeved white blouse, long blue skirt and wide brimmed white hat. She carries a pink basket full to the brim with colorful spring flowers. This charming figurine is exquisitely detailed - just look at the flowers. The finish of this piece is lustrous - a sure fire sign of Lladro's overall high quality. Handmade and hand painted at the famed Lladro Porcelain Factory in Valencia, Spain, each piece undergoes an intense and time consuming process by expert artisans. The procedure is well worth the effort involved however, as the results you see here can prove. 

Weight: 0.99 lb
Finish: Gloss
Height (in): 7.087
Width (in): 3.937
Length (in): 3.937
Sculptor: José Puche

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