Lladro Champions Team Soccer Figurine

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This Champions Team Soccer figurine from the Hobbies and Sports series of Lladro Porcelain Figurines is riding high in popularity now with the World Cup Finals in Brazil being played currently, but in actuality Soccer is always an extremely popular sport, and since it's played literally all over the world, this is a sculpture that is always in season. Jose Santaeulalia is the sculptor and he's done an outstanding job on this piece. Handmade and handpainted at the Lladro Porcelain Factory in Valencia, Spain, it is immediately evident that the intricate detailing and marvelous finish put this porcelain sculpture at the top of the list for serious collectors. 14.972" high and 16.5" wide assure you that this stand alone piece will always be the focal point of any display. For your own collection or as a special gift for a soccer loving friend, this is a work of art that is meant to be - and will be - treasured far into the future.

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