Lladro Woman On Horse Figurine

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Riding sidesaddle on her beautiful Andalusian horse, this elegant lady is the epitome of grace and confidence in the arena. Especially appealing to horse loves and serious collectors of porcelain, Lladro's Woman On Horse Figurine is one of those wonderful pieces of porcelain sculpture you won't want to pass up. One in the Elegant Ladies series, she is 17.75" Tall x 14.25" Wide. The extremely talented Fulgencio García is the sculptor. Known world-wide for its exquisite porcelain sculptures of women, Lladro has earned their marvelous reputation, which is the result of an intensive and laborious artistic process by skilled artisans. Each piece features the exquisite detail and finish that make Lladro figurines arguably the finest in the market place. Made in Valencia, Spain, in the Aragon region. A fabulous addition to any collection, it is a wonderful stand alone piece as well. Artwork you will be proud to give or receive and something you will treasure forever.

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