MacKenzie Childs Sterling Check Collection

MacKenzie Childs Sterling Check Collection

Introducing MacKenzie-Childs newest collection: Sterling Check! The muted silver of the checks is accented with a hand-painted subtle yellow pull through. Sterling Check can stand alone or this fabulous collection can be a stunning complement to Courtly or Royal Check. Sterling Check is truly the perfect palette for the modern home.

MacKenzie Childs Sterling Check collection includes the iconic MacKenzie-Childs tea pot as well as the ever-popular canisters and dinnerware. 

Mackenzie Childs is a luxury home decor known for its handcrafted, whimsical designs and use of high-quality materials. The Sterling Check pattern is one of their signature designs and has become popular for its unique blend of classic check pattern with subtle grey and white hues. The intricate details and superior craftsmanship of Mackenzie Childs products, along with the brand's reputation for high-end style and luxury, has made the Sterling Check pattern a favorite among fans of the brand.

MacKenzie Childs Sterling Check
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