Mary Jurek Design Stainless Steel Metalware

Mary Jurek Design Stainless Steel Metalware

Mary Jurek Design (pronounced Yurek) designer stainless steel metalware is thoughtfully produced and immaculately hand made. Each piece features a hand-hammered finish that allows light to reflect and sparkle. The hammered finish also obscures finger prints that sometimes are quite visible on flat non-hammered finishes. Each brilliantly polished stainless steel serving bowl, serving tray, vase, champagne bucket, dish, fork, knife and spoon are pieces of functional art for your kitchen, table and home that are sure to delight you and guests who enter your home.

If you have concerns about aluminum alloy metalware, Mary Jurek has the solution to your concerns since all Mary Jurek metalware is made of food-safe 18/8 stainless steel that will not rust, tarnish or interact with foods. Mary Jurek metalware is maintenance free, environmentally friendly and made to last a lifetime. The fully stainless steel pieces are dishwasher safe. Pieces with brass and buffalo horn are hand wash only. Mary Jurek stainless steel metalware is not designed for cooking, but they may be placed in a warm oven, not exceeding 250 degrees, to warm the piece for serving and keeping food warm.

Mary Jurek metalware is made throughout Thailand and India, and it is made in those areas for a reason. Mary Jurek's business model seeks to provide jobs those in underdeveloped areas. She scouts to find female-owned factories throughout the world to make her products in order to increase levels of living and provide a means to empower women in those areas.

Mary Jurek Design
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