Nest Holiday Fragrances

Nest Holiday Fragrances

Nest Holiday fragrances are among our most popular seasonal offerings and we have a wide selection of candles, reed diffusers, and Pura Smart Diffusers so you can choose the perfect combination for your celebrations at home. 

Nest's Holiday scent is a combination of pomegranate, citrus, crisp evergreen and warm spice that lends a fresh fragrance evocative of simmering fruits and spices. 

Birchwood Pine calls to mind a brisk walk in the woods, with white pine, balsam fir, and warm birch with a touch of musk and amber.

Nest's Hearth fragrance brings the feeling of a crackling fireplace with a combination of warm oud wood, frankincense, and embers.

Nest holiday fragrances are offered not only in multiple sizes of candles, but also as reed diffusers that use essential oils for a flame-free scent throughout your home as well as Pura Smart diffusers that can be controlled with your smartphone to create the exact right level of fragrance for you. Nest also offers gift sets that contain a variety of holiday fragrances. Each Nest Holiday candle and set is beautifully boxed for giving.


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