Vagabond House Wood & Pewter Serving Bowls & Trays

Vagabond House Wood & Pewter Serving Bowls & Trays

Enjoy beautifully crafted wooden bowls in rare, but Earth-friendly hardwoods accented with whimsical sculpted animal, fruit or tree leave motifs in pewter from our Vagabond House collection at Distinctive Decor. Vagabond House's wooden serving bowls, cheese boards and serving trays are crafted of Makha wood, a rare hardwood with a lustrous finish. Because Vagabond House is an environmentally friendly American company, only wood from naturally fallen trees or trees cut more than 30 years ago are used to create its dinner service pieces and home decor.

We have nut bowls, cheese serving stands and boxes with pewter acorn lids. We have wooden serving boards edged with a single pewter sculpture of bees, a bear cub, deer, olives, a songbird, an artichoke or a leopard. This pewter will not rush or tarnish over time. Shop all our Vagabond pitchers, glassware, utensils and bar ware. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders.

Serving Bowls & Trays

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