Voluspa Italian Bellini Fragrance

Voluspa Italian Bellini Fragrance

Voluspa Italian Bellini fragrance is a luxurious and captivating scent that evokes the essence of a sunny Italian paradise. Inspired by the famous Bellini cocktail, this fragrance is a harmonious blend of fruity and floral notes that create a vibrant and refreshing aroma.

The top notes of Voluspa Italian Bellini burst with the succulent and juicy scent of ripe peaches. These notes immediately awaken the senses and set the tone for the fragrance, infusing it with a luscious sweetness. The peachy aroma is reminiscent of warm summer days and indulgent fruity cocktails.

As the fragrance settles, the heart notes come forward, revealing a delicate bouquet of white florals. Hints of jasmine and peony add a touch of femininity and elegance to the composition. These floral notes enhance the overall vibrancy of the fragrance and provide a beautiful contrast to the juicy peach accord.

In the base notes, Voluspa Italian Bellini fragrance features a subtle and sensual blend of vanilla and musk. The creamy warmth of vanilla adds a comforting and inviting element, while the musk provides a subtle hint of sensuality and sophistication. These base notes anchor the fragrance and give it a soft and lingering finish.

Voluspa offers Italian Bellini in a variety of forms, including candles, diffusers, and room sprays. The candles are made from a coconut wax blend and come in a range of sizes and styles, including glass jars, tin containers, and decorative tins. The diffusers and room sprays are designed to provide long-lasting fragrance for any room in the house.

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