Erbario Toscano Bath, Body & Home Fragrance

Erbario Toscano products are created in Tuscany, using the traditional scents of that beautiful region. This exclusive collection features Old-World Tuscan design and inspiration for a transportive experience for the body and home. Erbario Toscano artisans create natural products with traditional ingredients that contain no parabens, silicons, or mineral oils - just authentic formulas.

The florals, spices, and atmosphere of Tuscany are perfectly captured and infused in everything Erbario Toscano offers from bath and body products to home fragrance. Experience the deep, hearty warmth of woods and greens; the bright floral notes of native blossoms; the savory tang of citrus and pepper.

Erbario Toscano products arrive in beautiful apothecary-style packaging and make beautiful gifts. Dermatologically tested; never tested on animals.

Erbario Toscano Bath & Body
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