Emile Henry Bakeware, Dinnerware & Cookware

Emile Henry Bakeware, Dinnerware & Cookware
Emile Henry has been hit hard by COVID-19. We are experiencing delays with incoming shipments to our warehouse. Emile Henry bakeware, dinnerware and cookware is made in the Burgundy area of France. This area is rich in natural, high quality burgundy clay that is ideal for producing ceramic cookware. Each Emile Henry dish is handmade and signed by skilled potters in Marcigny, France. Emile Henry has been making their high-quality bakeware and dinnerware there since 1850. Emile Henry dinnerware and bakeware is made of Ceradon, an exceptional product fired at 1100 degrees C (2000 degrees F), which is extremely solid and highly resistant to temperature change, scratching and chipping. The Emile Henry ceradon pieces can go directly from the freezer to the hot oven (0 degrees F to 500+ degrees F) with no problems. The glaze is so hard that it is possible to carve meats directly in the dish without scratching the dish. You will find the Emile Henry pieces very easy to clean due to their perfectly smooth and nonporous glaze. All pieces are dishwasher safe.

Emile Henry has also developed the first ceramic cookware that can be used on a cooktop. Five years of development and testing were necessary to develop the Emile Henry Flame Top Collection. The Emile Henry Flame Top pieces are safe on all stove tops (for induction, you must have the Emile Henry induction disk), and each piece is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Sear poultry or red meat and then simmer gently. Start cooking on the stove top and then finish in the oven, under the broiler or even in the microwave or on the grill. The Emile Henry stew pots and French ovens retain heat longer than cast iron casseroles and French ovens and come in stylish colors. Emile Henry Flame top is ideal for those who want the results of cast iron at a fraction of the weight. Emile Henry Flame is praised by those who are older or who have arthritis because it is so much lighter than Staub or Le Creuset.

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Emile Henry
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