Match Italian Pewter Tableware

Match Italian Pewter Tableware

Match Pewter is handmade in northern Italy by highly skilled artisans and pewtersmiths who use the knowledge of their craft which has been handed down through the centuries. Each Match Italian pewter plate, charger plate, goblet, fork, centerpiece, tray, platter, candle stick, lamp, desk accessory and bowl is made with the utmost of care and attention. Match Pewter artisans are proud of their ancient craft and stamp their unique imprimatur on each piece that they shape and polish. Since every piece of Match Pewter is made by hand, you truly will own a one-of-a-kind, heirloom and high quality pewter collectible. In a world of mass production, Match Pewter breaks from the pack as the premier hand-crafters of fine Italian pewter. Each Match Pewter piece is different due to their handmade nature.

Match Pewter was born from David Reiss' love for Italy and his affinity for Italian craftsmanship. Reiss, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, founded Match Pewter in 1995. For the past decade and a-half, Reiss has created a company that expects and demands nothing but the best pewter, the best artisans, the best design and the best retailers to sell this fine line of Italian pewter. Pewter has been used for over 5,000 years to make dinnerware, home decor and other useful products. Match Pewter's pewtersmiths know how to make it durable and beautiful. Match Pewter's polishing process and pewter alloy recipe produces a warm glow allowing the owner to see the character of the pewter; Match Pewter is not over-polished. The pewter alloy used to make Match Pewter flatware, frames, dinnerware, stemware and desk accessories is lead-free, food-safe and approved by the FDA. Not all pewter is created equal. For pewter to be called "pewter" it must contain a minimum of 92% tin. The other ingredients usually are copper and antimony. However, what some call "pewter" is not genuine pewter; other manufacturers may use aluminum and other white metals to create a pewter look. This is important, because next to gold, platinum and sterling silver, tin is the fourth most valuable metal. Match Pewter uses an unheard of 95% tin in their pewter alloy. The other 5% is copper and antimony. Match Pewter's recipe produces the hallmark warm glow that only Match Pewter embodies.

What are pewter hallmarks, markings and stamps? Each piece of Match Pewter is stamped "95" denoting the tin content and other stamps are often present--"M" stands for Match, and there are also stamps for the region in which the piece was made in northern Italy. Other markings are antique markings. Match makes molds of antique pieces and the markings on the antique pewter pieces transfer to the molds and then to the pewter piece. While we do not discount Match Pewter, we offer the lowest prices on Match Pewter allowed by the manufacturer. We offer free shipping on Match Pewter when orders are $99 or more, every day. Match Pewter reviews and consumer reports about Match Pewter are outstanding. Learn how to care for Match Pewter wares.

Match Italian Pewter

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