Cutting Boards

Our goal is to offer the highest quality cutting surfaces that will be easy on your knives' edges. Our selection of cutting surfaces are made of traditional maple, beautiful, naturally replenishing Moso bamboo or sleek, high-tech, dishwasher-safe wood composite. Opt for one of our knife friendly cutting surfaces. Not only are our cutting boards useful tools, but they also make a statement! Wood cutting boards have been used for hundreds of years and little improvement has been made to them, that is, until now.

Proteak teak cutting boards offer striking beauty and contrast while providing a hard and durable cutting surface without being too hard on your knives. Teak is renown for its beauty, durability, strength and sustainability. All of our teak boards are harvested from sustainable tropical forests throughout South America and the Pacific coast of Mexico. Great care is taken to ensure the teak forests are constantly being replenished and renewed.

Epicurean cutting boards are up-to-date versions of wooden cutting boards. Epicurean cutting boards are natural, dishwasher safe, non-porous (will not harbor bacteria), easy on your knives' cutting edges, maintenance free, ecologically friendly in their production and made in the USA. Epicurean cutting boards measure a quarter-inch thick and have a convenient utility hole for hanging. They are manufactured with eco select paper from trees harvested under the guidelines of the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards. 60% of the energy used to produce these cutting boards is from renewable energy sources. Interestingly, Epicurean cutting boards are made of the same material used in the production of TrueRide skateboarding ramps you may have seen in urban skate parks or on television.

Cutting Boards
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