One Hundred 80 Degrees Water Wick Candles

One Hundred 80 Degrees Water Wick Candles

Bring a relaxing, flame-free ambience to your home or office with these unique water-wick candles. One Hundred 80 Degrees has created a candle with a real wax feel and flickering "flame" with the added benefit of comforting running water. The candles can be used with the long-lasting light only, water only, or both. Each comes with a remote control and timer so the candles can be turned on or off without having to move them. 

When on, the bubbling water reflects the light like a flame while also providing a soothing sound to promote a relaxing atmosphere. 

Each 180 Degrees Water Wick candle requires three "C" batteries (not included).

One Hundred 80 Degrees Candles
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