Thymes Fragrances, Lotions & Soaps

Thymes Fragrances, Lotions & Soaps

Almost 30 years ago, two childhood friends founded Thymes because of a shared desire to bring grace and inspiration to others through their love of fragrance. Since then, the name "Thymes" has become synonymous with fresh, clean fragrances that inspire the wearer to new heights of beauty and tranquility. Those who want to enhance the quality of their daily lives turn to Thymes for inspirational fragrances - those unique blends are as enjoyable for the wearer as for those who surround him or her. Loyal devotees of Thymes' scents acknowledge that whereas at first, they were motivated to use Thymes because of how others would enjoy the scent; now they wear it more for themselves than for others.

Thymes fragrances aren't just perfumes; they are daily indulgences that become a daily part of your routine. You wake up with it. Wash with it. Layer it in your surroundings. And Thymes beautifully complex combination of scents and inspiration becomes a part of the fabric of your daily life.

Each Thymes fragrance we carry features its own visual fragrance profile as well as a description so that you will be able to identify similar scents and scent families. Each Thymes product is made as carefully as possible, in order to provide nourishing benefits to you, your skin, and your planet. And each product is made in the USA.

We encourage you to experiment. Be inspired. And be captivating every day.

Thymes Fragrances
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