Arthur Court Designs Metal Serveware

Arthur Court Designs Metal Serveware

Arthur Court Designs metalware is the creation of Arthur and Elena Court. The Courts have been producing the intricate sand-cast aluminum creations that Arthur Court Designs is known for since 1976.

Each piece of Arthur Court metalware is individually hand crafted of aluminum and hand polished. Because the products are handmade variations will occur making each piece a unique work of art.

Arthur Court metalware should be washed by hand with mild dish soap and dried immediately. The brilliant luster of the aluminum products will be permanently dulled if placed in the oven or dishwasher. The Arthur Court Designs aluminum metal products do not require polishing on a regular basis like silver products. Arthur Court pieces can be brightened periodically with rubbing cloths or silver polishing compounds.

Arthur Court metalware is known for their beautiful serving trays, cheese and cracker tray sets, chip and dip sets, salt and pepper shaker sets, bowls, kitchen canisters, napkin rings and cheese boards. Other recent additions to the Arthur Court collection include glass beverage jars, coasters, entertainment sets, candelabras, champagne flutes and acrylic serving pieces. Popular Arthur Court collections include: Bunny, Grape, Horse, Butterfly, Botanical, Magnolia, American Traditional, Fleur de Lis, Kentucky Derby, Rooster, Sunflower and others. Distinctive Decor is proud to be an authorized Arthur Court Designs retailer.

Arthur Court Designs
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