Halcyon Days Porcelain Boxes & Mugs

Halcyon Days Porcelain Boxes & Mugs

Halcyon Days is a distinctly British brand whose name is synonymous with outstanding quality and detail. Each of these beautiful enamel products is handmade in England using the best materials available, by master artists who are proud to be crafting some of the finest luxury products offered today.

Halcyon Days was founded in 1950 by Susan Benjamin, a small retailer who specialized in antique English enamels, and keepsake boxes in particular. She called the shop "Halcyon Days," after the Greek legend surrounding a "halkion," or kingfisher who laid its eggs in a nest that floated on the sea. The legend says that Poseidon calmed the waves to prevent the eggs from being cracked, and the sea presented peaceful days filled with tranquility.

When the intricate beauty of the antique enamels she offered gained in popularity, Ms. Benjamin felt compelled to revive this centuries-old art form. Seeking out the best artisans she could find, her company slowly but surely brought about a renewal of enthusiasm for these detailed enamels on copper. Today, the enamels are still produced in workshops located in the Midlands, where the craft began in the 17th century. Using traditional English enamel techniques that are generations old, the artists of Halcyon Days present the absolute best that British craftsmanship has to offer.

Susan Benjamin insists upon being personally involved in the design process for each piece from initial inspiration to the final approval of the master sample. One-third of the collection is retired each season to make room for over 120 new designs introduced annually. Including special commissions, Mrs. Benjamin has created thousands of unique pieces since 1970. Endorsed by the Royal Family, Halcyon Days Enamels is the only producer of enamels that is granted the privilege to display the Queen's Royal Warrant - HM Queen Elizabeth II - on the base of each design. Halcyon Days proudly holds all three Royal Warrants to supply Objets d'Art and consistently offers the best of British craftsmanship to true lovers of the art.

Halcyon Days Porcelain
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