Lladro Porcelain Figurines & Home Decor

Lladro Porcelain Figurines & Home Decor

Lladro porcelain figurines, Christmas ornaments, home decor and jewelry are known world-wide for their quality and craftsmanship. Lladro figures and art pieces are highly collectible and are sought out by the most particular and discriminating collectors. But Lladro is not only for collectors. Lladro pieces make for beautiful decorative accessories and gifts. Lladro pieces feature beautiful human expressions and graceful lines that help each piece tell a uniquely human story to the viewer. Whether you are looking for a cherished gift for your mother, grand parent, father or child or a gift to commemorate a birth, wedding, anniversary or holiday, Lladro has a fine porcelain figure that speaks volumes to the recipient about the giver of the gift and the occasion for giving it.

The process of making a Lladro porcelain figurine involves several steps and requires a high level of skill and precision. Here are the general steps involved in the process. The first step is to create a prototype of the figurine using clay. This is done by a master sculptor who works with great skill and attention to detail to create a highly-detailed model. Once the prototype is complete, a mold is made from the clay model. The mold is made of plaster and is used to create multiple copies of the figurine. The porcelain paste is poured into the mold, and the excess is removed. The figurine is then allowed to dry.

The dried figurine is then fired in a kiln at high temperatures to harden it. This process is known as "biscuit firing" and is the first of two firings the figurine will undergo. Once the figurine has been biscuit-fired, it is carefully inspected and any imperfections are corrected. Next, it's dipped in a glaze that will form a protective layer on the figurine. The glazed figurine is then fired in the kiln again, this time at a higher temperature. This process, known as "glost firing," will fuse the glaze to the porcelain and give the figurine its final appearance. The final step is painting the details and decorations onto the figurine. This is done by highly skilled painters who use a variety of techniques to bring the figurine to life.

Once the painting is complete, the figurine is inspected one final time before being packaged and shipped to its destination. The entire process can take several weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the figurine and the skill of the artisans involved.

We regret that we are unable to provide assistance in valuing discontinued Lladro figurines. We recommend that you contact an appraiser or antique store for help in determining current market values.

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