Anne Neilson Angel Series Gifts

Anne Neilson Angel Series Gifts

Anne Neilson draws inspiration from her faith and her family to produce her Angel Series of paintings in oil. Since its publication in 2012, her coffee table book Angels in Our Midst has sold over 35,000 copies and continues to inspire people the world over.

Now Anne Neilson fans can draw inspiration from her art via beautiful gifts such as 100 Days of Scripture cards, A-Z Scripture cards, and Comfort, Love, and Promise scripture cards that feature her angel art as well as uplifting Bible verses. Favorite cards can also be displayed in acrylic frames that allow both sides of the card to be visible.

Anne Neilson has also created note card sets featuring her Angel art as well as enclosure cards, paper goods, and journals.

With its ethereal paintings and inspirational text, Angels in Our Midst and its companion pieces help readers find peace and solace in the comfort of angels' presence. Anne Neilson sees each painting in the Angel Series as a metaphor for our entire lives, and her purpose in life is to express her inspiration through art and give back to her community.

Anne Neilson Angel Gifts
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