Nao Porcelain Figurines by Lladro

Nao Porcelain Figurines by Lladro
The NAO by Lladro collection of porcelain figures takes its name from Columbian-era sailing boats that carried adventurers and their creativity and skill to all corners of the world. Just as those ships conveyed new ideas and knowledge, so too does the beautiful NAO porcelain convey the traditional mastery and sophistication of the Lladro brothers' renowned creations to a wider audience.

NAO Master artists begin with a sketch inspired by life's special moments, and transform it into a clay figurine that gives their own personal touch. The sculpture is reproduced in a complex series of molds that are filled with Lladro's remarkable porcelain, then reassembled and hand-painted before being glazed and fired at high temperatures for 24 hours or more. Prior to being fired, the artists make a small hole in the base of the piece to prevent cracking; often a small piece of porcelain stays inside the sculpture, creating the signature rattle known as the "Lladro Bell." The composition of the porcelain and glaze are a closely-guarded Lladro family secret.

The NAO by Lladro porcelain collection includes almost three hundred figurines, and new pieces are added every year. The NAO designers' and artists' creativity is demonstrated in each handmade figure, to be shared by collectors worldwide.

We regret that we are unable to provide assistance in valuing discontinued NAO porcelain figurines. We recommend that you contact an appraiser or antique store for help in determining current market values for NAO porcelain figurines.

Nao Figurines by Lladro
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