Dartington Crystal Glassware

Dartington Crystal is the only remaining major crystal factory in England, and its longevity has its roots in luxury and quality since 1967. Most of the collection is made by hand in its factory in Devon, using award-winning design and classic lines to impress bespoke retailers and luxury clients the world over.

The fine materials and 24% lead crystal are used to hand-make Dartington crystal selections with simple lines and breathtaking clarity. Lead crystal creates a quality weight, as well as smooth feel and brilliant sparkle. Whether you prefer clear glass or brilliant hues, Dartington Crystal has much to offer for your enjoyment and gift giving.

Get inspired to serve only the best in Dartington Crystal serveware, pitchers, and bowls. These hand-crafted pieces are beautifully made and perfect for presenting your favorite beverages, fruit, cheeses, and desserts. When not in use on your table, a handful of posies or decorative items stand in for a lovely presentation. With delicate details such as hand-formed handles in striking colors as well as wooden accents, Dartington Crystal serving pieces are made to be beautiful and functional for years to come.

Handmade clocks by Dartington Crystal make excellent gifts for executives, assistants, graduates, and anyone who appreciates unique and beautiful timepieces. Each is made of high-quality crystal with contemporary styling and the Dartington quality you love for a gift that lasts a lifetime. Choose from several shapes and either clear or black crystal to suit any decor or personal style.
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