Herend Porcelain Figurines and Dinnerware

Herend Porcelain Figurines and Dinnerware

Distinctive Decor carries the complete line of Herend dinnerware and Herend porcelain figurines.

Lovers of exquisite Herend Porcelain Figurines and Dinnerware will delight at the sight of the pieces in this collection at Distinctive Decor. Herend figurines are world-renowned for their signature fishnet design. They have been an intricate part of the lives of kings, queens and princesses. Even Queen Victoria dined on Herend china and Princess Diana was said to always be absolutely thrilled to find a Herend piece in her holiday stocking.

Founded in 1826, Herend originally produced pottery. However, in 1839, new owner Mor Fischer added in dinnerware aimed at European royal families. In 1851, England's Queen Victoria purchased a large set for Windsor Castle. The set she ordered featured a butterfly and floral pattern. Fischer named the pattern after the queen. Her pattern became known as the Victoria pattern. Afterwards, Herend dinnerware was widely sought after by other English and European aristocrats that wanted to bring the stunning china into their homes.

By the 1870s, Herend added their now hotly coveted porcelain figurines to their collection. The signature fishnet design first appeared in 1874 and has since become extremely popular, especially in the United States. Herend began being imported into America in 1957. If you want to be sure that you are purchasing a Herend original, make certain to shop at an authorized Herend Dealer. There are only a certain number of authorized sellers nationwide and Distinctive Decor offers a premiere selection of these delightful, handcrafted porcelain figures.

Every carefully handcrafted Herend figurine features extraordinary white porcelain with 24 karat gold accents. Distinctive Decor's selection of Herend figurines includes blue, sapphire blue, rust, chocolate brown, raspberry pink, black, green, lime green as well as multi-colored styles that are simply brilliant.

The collection of Herend figures at Distinctive Decor is numerous. Choose from a dazzling array of bunnies, horses, dogs, cats, kittens, waterfowl, insects, jungle and forest animals in addition to numerous miniature figures. Any collector will be thrilled with the fabulous assortment of Herend figurines. Expand your collection today or introduce a loved one or friend to the beauty of Herend.

They make wonderful gifts for holiday, weddings, graduations, births or any special occasion. Herend figurines and dinnerware is a special keepsake that will live in the family for generations.

Herend Porcelain
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