Fireplace Screens, Andirons & Fireplace Tool Sets

Dress up your fireplace with a decorative screen, andiron or fireplace tool set from Distinctive Decor. We carry a large selection of fireplace accessories to choose from including fleur de lis fireplace tools, artistic decorative screens and more. Ornamental fireplace screens are beautiful and practical. They're useful for fire prevention, helping to keep hot embers from reaching the carpet or wood floor, and they also keep pets and children away from the flames. Most fireplace screens are made of iron, which is not only strong, but also able to bent and shaped into beautiful designs.

Distinctive Decor carries a variety of fireplace screen to choose from in single or multi-panel designs. The screens are decorated with ornamental details like floral prints, geometric patterns and more. The metal screens will perfectly accentuate your fireplace's design. To fit your fireplace with a fireplace screen, simply measure the width and height of your fireplace using a tape measure. Add 12 inches to the width of your measurement and 5 inches to the height to find a screen that will provide adequate coverage. Multi-panel fireplace screens may need additional width to accommodate the bend in the screens to prevent the piece from tipping over.

When choosing fireplace tools, look for a set that matches the metal of your fireplace or of your fireplace screen. Choose a matching set or mix and match designs to create a custom look that's perfect for your space.

Fireplace Screens
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