USA Pans Bakeware

USA Pans Bakeware

Chosen the BEST by Cooks Illustrated in 2011, USA Pan has been developed by the only manufacturer of commercial and industrial bakeware in North America. Since 1959, this company has produced the highest quality baking pans available, and they are proudly made in the United States. Each pan is made of aluminized steel, the material of choice of professional bakers, due to its even heat distribution and durability. Not only is the steel itself carefully chosen for thickness, but the rim of each pan is reinforced with steel wires to resist warping. USA Pan uses 65% recycled steel to manufacture these products.

The pans are covered with USA Pans' own AMERICOAT Plus, a clear, non-stick silicone coating that is preferred by American bakers over dark nonstick coating. This environmentally-friendly coating does not contain any PTFEs or PFOAs. USA Pan bakeware should be handwashed to ensure that the nonstick coating is maintained, and metal utensils should not be used.

The unique corrugated design allows for air flow for even baking and easy release; this "fluting" also increases the pan strength and prevents warping with daily use. 

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