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How to Decorate a Mantel

Let your imagination guide you. Put these items on one side of your mantel, but don't necessarily line them up. Think about layering them, tucking one slightly behind another or bringing one forward. They may look nice angled slightly toward the center of the mantel. Play with that arrangement until you're happy. (Read entire article)

Peppermill Buying Guide

Everything you need to know to buy a quality pepper or salt mill! There are a number of brands and types of pepper mills. Whether you are looking for a manual pepper mill or a battery-operated pepper mill or a rechargeable salt mill, this guide will help you navigate the marketplace in your search for a quality, long-lasting pepper mill or salt mill. The type of grinding mechanism that is installed in a pepper mill makes all the difference. This main component will determine what your mill should be used to grind. (Read entire article)

History of Andrea by Sadek and Company Information

Andrea by Sadek, (pronounced AN-dree-uh by Say-dek), also known as Charles Sadek Import Company or J. Willfred is headquartered in New Rochelle, New York. The company was founded in 1936 by Charles and Norman Sadek and is still owned and operated by the Sadek family. (Read entire article)

How to Choose a Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine - Buying Guide

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee makers and espresso machines on the market from as basic as a percolator to as advanced as the super automatic espresso machines that grind the beans, brew the cup, discard the brewed beans and froth milk with a touch of one button. While we sell all kinds of coffee makers and espresso machines, we want you to be aware of what we think. This buyer's guide is not for the coffee geek, but for the everyman who needs a little guidance.
(Read entire article)

Metal Serving Ware Buying Guide

Metal serving ware is all the rage these days partly due to the cost of silver, the constant maintenance of silver and that most silver serving pieces out there are too formal for today's lifestyles. Throughout the past 10-20 years, more and more brides are omitting formal china and silver from their registries and more and more households are buying contemporary, practical and lower maintenance dinnerware and serving ware. While there still is a more formal dining market out there, most people are looking for low maintenance, versatile and usable metal-ware. (Read entire article)

How Christopher Radko Ornaments Are Made

Christopher Radko Christmas tree ornaments are world-renown for their beauty, craftsmanship and their collectibility. Each Christopher Radko ornament is made by hand in a week-long process throughout Radko's three factories based in Poland, Germany and Italy. (Read entire article)

How Byers' Choice Caroler Figures are Made

Byers' Choice Carolers are handmade in Pennsylvania by skilled artisans. The carolers are highly collectible and feature a unique process of manufacture. All carolers are hand made in the USA. The process of making a Byers' Choice Caroler begins with creating a skeleton for the caroler, which is a coat hanger bent to make a frame. (Read entire article)

The History of The Emile Henry Company

Emile Henry has been mixing the artisinal practices of the past with the technological cutting edge advances made in their lab to create the finest ceramic cookware, bakeware and dinnerware. The history of the Emile Henry company is a long story, yet it is a story filled with accomplishments and the promise of better cooking products. (Read entire article)

Match Pewter Care Guide

Match Pewter makes the finest food-safe, lead-free FDA approved pewter in the industry and they make it by hand in Italy Now that you own the finest pewter you can purchase, here are some care and use guidelines that will keep your pewter in pristine condition. (Read entire article)

Cookware Buyer's Guide - How to choose cookware

Choosing the best cookware is all about materials and the quality of materials. Sure, you can purchase cookware from a bargain chain store, but odds are that you will have to replace that pan or pot 4 or 5 times over time when you could buy a quality one that lasts a lifetime. (Read entire article)

Spode Tableware Use & Care

The glaze is relatively hard and resists most cutlery scratches but materials of equal hardness will scratch one another. Just as one diamond can scratch another, so your pieces of Spode can mark each other. (Read entire article)

How Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Cookware is Made

This short article explains how Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware is made. The article features pictures from the Le Creuset foundry and factory in northern France. (Read entire article)

How to Set a Table (Practical Place Settings)

This article tells and shows you how to set a simple and practical every day table setting. Just add the flatware you need depending on what you are serving. (Read entire article)

Cooking with Kids: How to Help Your Children Succeed in the Kitchen --- and in Life

Getting children cooking early and safely will serve them well down the road when they start cooking for themselves, either putting together their own lunches for school or cooking in their college dorm room. Knowing how to choose and prepare a healthy snack is just as important for survival in “the real world” as knowing how to do the laundry.(Read entire article)

How to Organize Your Recipes (and Find Them)!

These days, we are lucky to find time to plan meals, shop for groceries, and get dinner on the table, much less copy recipes by hand onto those little cards. The type of recipe organization method you need depends on what obstacles you are facing when browsing, clipping, and keeping track of all those potentially tasty dishes. (Read entire article)

How to Select Dinnerware

Selecting dishes is an important decision that should be carefully considered. When selecting dinnerware you must think about your lifestyle and what you expect from your dishes. (Read entire article)

Bath Towel Buying Guide

Once you're aware of the difference in towels, you'll have a better idea of what will suit your needs and wants in order to elevate your bathing from mere routine to a daily indulgence. (Read entire article.)

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