Brighton Jewelry - Watches

Brighton Jewelry - Watches

Brighton watches offer the signature Brighton style our customers love. Your watch is not only for telling time; it is a fashion accessory that will either compliment or clash with your wardrobe and other jewelry. Brighton watches are designed to be timeless in style and very durable. Brighton watches are made of a variety of metals and offer a plethora of stones to accessorize the watch face. The watch is made primarily of durable brass that is either plated or antiqued. Each watch is polished and lacquered and then assembled in a sterile environment. Once assembled, the watches are tested for strict quality control and tortured to ensure your Brighton watch will last for years.

Brighton recently introduced the long-awaited collection of Apple Watch bands. Designer Beth Farrara collaborated with her team to bring four unique Brighton Apple Watch bands inspired by some of the most popular Brighton collections. 

Brighton bands fit 38-44mm Apple Watches and are adjustable for the perfect fit. Whether you're a fan of all-metal Contempo, Meridian, or Meridian Lumens or the versatile Interlok band that changes from black to brown leather, there's sure to be a Brighton Apple Watch band to suit your personal style.

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