Bronzed Iron, Brass & Marble Bookends

Bronzed Iron, Brass & Marble Bookends

Bookends are the perfect choice for customizing your space, adding a unique piece of your personality and creating functional storage solutions. Bookends instantly transform any flat surface into a bookshelf and can even be used to create standing displays on desks, tabletops and other non-traditional storage areas. Distinctive Decor offers a large selection of beautiful bronzed iron, brass and marble bookends from SPI Home, Dessau, Pendulux, Jan Barboglio, and Cyan Design to choose from. Our heavy, substantial pieces feature carefully selected themes that make great conversation starters and are a fantastic addition to any home. We also carry animal, symbol and picture frame bookends.

Marble or brass bookends in unique shapes will turn any bookshelf into a focal point. Try stacking books horizontally and vertically on the shelf, then adding bookends as needed for an interesting arrangement. When creating displays using books, take into account the size, shape and color of the book to pick a pairing that matches your space's decor. Match bookends you love with your favorite books to create a display piece that's highly personalized.

The bookends you choose will be a personal choice. Pick a set that is meaningful to you and insert your personality into your home's design. In addition to traditional bookends, we also have a nice selection of "shelf sitters" including children, reading animals and see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil animal sets.

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