Match Pewter Platters, Trays and Serving Bowls

Match Pewter Platters, Trays and Serving Bowls
Stately and elegant, a Match Pewter platter, pewter serving bowl or pewter tray will bring elegance to your table, party or food or tea service. Each Match serving bowl, platter and pewter tray is made from the molds of antique Italian pewter pieces, giving you not only a replica piece of Italian history, but also a unique, beautiful and functional piece for your table. It is difficult to sum up how beautifully Match Pewter is made and looks, but we can say for certain that Match makes the finest Italian pewter we have ever seen.

All Match Pewter pieces are hand made in Italy and are polished to a warm glow. The warm glow of the pewter is not due to the polishing alone; it also is imparted by the high tin content of Match Pewter's pewter alloy. Match uses only the highest quality tin that comprises 95% of the alloy, hence the stamped hallmark on each piece that reads "95." The pewter alloy Match Pewter uses is lead-free, food safe and approved by the FDA.

Serve your family or guests in style with Match Pewter Italian platters, trays and serving bowls. Pewter offers the elegance of silver without the hassle of polishing and tarnishing. Hand wash only with liquid dish washing soap and dry immediately. Pewter tarnishes very slowly and is virtually maintenance free.

Platters, Trays & Bowls
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