Simon Pearce Glass Barware

Simon Pearce Glass Barware
Enjoy the luxury of American-handcrafted Simon Pearce glass barware now on sale at Distinctive Decor. Each martini glass, pilsner glass, decanter and carafe is made of hand-blown glass that is hand-finished by expert artisans in Maryland and Vermont. Simon Pearce has been teaching the art of glassmaking for more than 40 years after honing his skills in Great Britain and continental Europe. His experience and expertise in each handcrafted and, thus, unique selection in our extensive Simon Pearce-designed wine glass, bowl, tankard, glass wine bottle coaster and elegant ice bucket.

Shop our two-piece Simon Pearce whiskey and wine decanters. We have classic and contemporary designs in hand-blown glass cocktail pitchers by Simon Pearce's expertly trained artisans. We love the sophisticated mix of uniquely designed cordial glasses in Pearce's popular four-piece cordial glass set. His lead-free glassware is made of hand and mouth-blown glass. Begin your collection of heirloom-quality Simon Pearce barware at our competitive prices with free shipping on qualifying orders. Also shop our table ware, bowls and luxurious designs in glass candlesticks, frames and Simon Pearce collectible figurines.
Simon Pearce Barware
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