Spode Tableware Use & Care

Scratching / Safe Storage
The glaze is relatively hard and resists most cutlery scratches but materials of equal hardness will scratch one another. Just as one diamond can scratch another, so your pieces of Spode can mark each other. When plates are stacked together, the back of one item can scratch the front of the plate below. Therefore, we recommend that plates should be stacked with paper or tissue separating them. To avoid scratching, do not slide the plates over one another, whether wet or dry, always lift them. Cups should be stored rim down. Do not stack, as this can weaken handles. Washing by hand For best results, always hand wash your tableware in hand hot-water using a liquid detergent. Even in water, glazed surfaces can be scratched if rubbed against one another with any force. So, avoid putting to many plates into water at any one time, drain in a rack and do not handle several plates at one time when drying them. Do not use abrasive washing powders or harsh scourers, gold is a very soft metal and can be easily damaged. Soaking in warm water before washing will remove most stains or hardened on particles. Really stubborn stains can be removed by soaking in a mild bleach solution for a few minutes. Washing in a dishwasher Certain dishwashing detergents, because of their caustic nature, can damage decoration and glaze. However, recent development of a new generation of detergents has resulted in a much superior dishwasher performance when the manufacturer's instructions are followed. For best results, Spode recommends that any of its ware (china, imperialware, vitreous) not marked as dishwasher safe, be hand washed only. Freezers Spode tableware can be used in a freezer, but care should be taken when re-heating, as no matter how strong the tableware, sudden temperature changes, e.g. taking from a freezer and placing directly into a hot oven, are likely to cause thermal shock which will damage the ware. Warming your tableware It is perfectly safe to warm your tableware, providing you place the tableware in a cold oven and heat gradually up to 212 F. Alternatively warm in a hostess trolley, or rinse plates/seving dishes in warm water before use. Microwaves and Ovens Spode cookware is ideally suited for cooking purposes, but imperialware and bone china should not be used in this way. Any pattern that uses gold or platinum decoration must not be used in a microwave oven as this can damage both the ware and the microwave. Tableware designs with no gold or platinum decoration are safe for use in the microwave.