Uno de 50 Jewelry

Uno de 50 Jewelry

Uno de 50 began in the late 90s by a team of artists and designers who wanted to offer a line of jewelry that embodied beauty, handcrafting, and boldly unique styles offered exclusively. These trailblazers merged the modern and the traditional and forged a collection that is not only beautiful and timeless, but shows an "edge" to suit the modern side of the wearer.

The name stems from the original idea of only producing 50 of each design; thus each piece was "One of Fifty." As the brand grew in popularity, the production increased but keeps the name to demonstrate the uniqueness inherent in handcrafted, well-designed pieces. In addition, Uno de 50 offers limited-edition pieces in each collection of which only 50 are ever produced.

Uno de 50 jewelry is handmade in Spain using rich silver, warm leather, and sparkling gems. Each piece features the company's signature padlock, which calls to mind the commitment to protect the distinctive designs and exclusivity that has been the hallmark of Uno de 50 since its beginning.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and bold red wrapping, ready to give to a one-of-a-kind woman in your life. offers free ground shipping on all Uno de 50 orders totaling $99 or more.

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