Calaisio Woven Home Accessories

Calaisio Woven Home Accessories
Calaisio woven home accessories are some of the most beautiful, substantial pieces we've found for serving, storing, and beautifying your home. Not only are they intricately woven by hand, but their delicacy belies a strength we've not seen in lesser products. From sturdy trays to woven boxes and perfectly-fitting lids, gorgeous powder room accents to functional casserole servers, Calaisio offers a superior product - as well as a great story: Nearly 20 years ago, Gay and William Lebourg landed on an island in the South Pacific, not knowing what their adventure would lead them to. They were taken with the island and its people, but wanted to help make the locals' lives better. Scouring the island for ideas, they found artisans who live and work in small villages, handmaking baskets of "vignes d'eau," or water-vines, which only grow in faraway jungles and are difficult to harvest. Once cut, the vines grow back quickly, making them a rapidly renewable resource for strong, beautiful weaving. The couple found a way to assist the residents of the island by helping them sell their woven trays, baskets, and boxes to customers who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into making each piece.

The salary earned by the weavers and artisans help lift their villages out of poverty and mere subsistence living, providing them with better food, health care, and education. Calaisio makes sure that a substantial amount of its profits is reinvested into these villages to help further improve the quality of life for the artisans and their families.

Calaisio Woven Accents
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