Christopher Radko Miscellaneous Ornaments

Christopher Radko Miscellaneous Ornaments

They may be categorized as "Miscellaneous Ornaments" but believe you me, they are anything but! Stockings filled to the brim and overflowing with gifts; snow covered houses, yet still managing to look warm and cozy; flowers of every kind and season, fruit too; holiday bedecked maidens; snow scenes of every sort; toys and gifts galore; bells, hearts and candles; musical instruments; trucks and trains and buses as well as planes and wagons; gingerbread and other sweets; barns and snowflakes; elves and fairies; wreaths and dolls; sports equipment; lanterns and lamps; animal friends and landmarks; moons and stars; baby buggies and crowns; there's even a fleur de lis. This category has everything Christmas you can imagine, including a few things covered in the other categories - just for good measure! And like all the wonderful Christopher Radko ornaments and accessories, these too are hand made, mouth blown, silver lined and hand painted by the master artisans employed at the European Christopher Radko factories in Poland, Greece and Italy.

Time tested and time honored techniques, designs that are old favorites and brand new offerings, all made with the dedication to bringing you the finest and most beautiful Christmas ornaments, just like they've been doing since 1985. Almost 30 years of Christopher Radko expertise means you'll have the high quality and beautiful ornaments you've come to expect. Any time you can celebrate the holidays with Christopher Radko, you know there's going to be even a little more happiness and cheer to spread around to all your friends and family. We invite you to bring Christopher Radko into your home this holiday season. It's a sure-fire way to make the holiday experience even brighter!

Miscellaneous Ornaments

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